Named after my grandfather (& my son), Jakob’s Kitchen prides itself on real, feel-good, Middle Eastern family food.


My grandfather was a chef in Old Souk (downtown Beirut) before & during the civil war in Lebanon. This picture of him is a great representation of his commitment to good food and great customer service, always ensuring the locals were well looked after, this is absolutely the core of what Jakob’s Kitchen looks to offer our respective local communities.
Growing up in Beirut we lived in my grandparent’s house where my grandfather used to cook for us daily. I would stand with him for hours in the kitchen while cooking, as he would tell me – “if the world knew how healthy Middle Eastern food is, we would all be better off ”. It is through him that I learned to truly appreciate & love the kitchen and it is to him that I dedicate this.

Looking to bring a fresh & healthy alternative to the stigma of ‘Fast Food’ – The team at Jakob’s Kitchen are committed to sharing their delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, with the people of London, always hot & always flavoursome.


Served fresh daily, both in house at our beautiful new Haverstock Hill store or in partnership with Deliveroo across Battersea, Acton, Haverstock Hill & surrounding areas, it’s our mission to maintain great customer relationships by offering tasty dishes with great customer service.


We want to broaden the horizons of ‘Take Away’ food and show the people of London that a delicious, hearty and healthy meal can be just what you crave – without all of the additives or nasties included, whether you’re eating ‘on-the-go’ or sitting down to relax with family & friends.




Providing the people of London with fresh and healthy food, packed full of goodness & flavour – driven by the passion of our team & their love for providing great food and great service.
Our belief in a fresh & healthy lifestyle however, goes beyond the food we serve. We have very strong environmental and sustainability values, which is why all of our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. We care about the food we serve, where it comes from and how that impacts the world we live in – which is why we offer a large range of Vegan friendly dishes too.